• I bought Hot Shots Golf OOB and installed it. It looks ok but when I start a game the screen freezes, graphics blur in multi colors and it errors off on the shot. This happened on the demo I downloaded from the Playstation Store also but I assumed the file was just corrupted and deleted it. Could this be a hardware issue or something related to this specific game? I deleted the saved info and reinstalled the game but it reacts the same. I have had no issues with any other games. Any assistance is appreciated.
  • If you have 1080i checked for your video but do not have 720p checked this could be it. The game will not work properly in 1080i- the frame rates are just to much for that res to handle.
  • Thanks. I had it set to auto select with all options checked (420p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p). I forced it to use 720p but the same error occurs in the game.
  • it will work with 1080p , its da best. peace.
  • I take it this doesn't happen with any other game, mikiangl?