mgo connection issues
  • Ok here's the deal. I have mgo and jus recently i have been getting a red ping online. Ive had this issue b4 but not sure how my brother fixed it and doesnt remember what he did. Anyways so ya, the other day it was fine. Never an issue but than my brothers come back home and than it started saying my ping was red. Now this might be it not sure. They have three wireless lap tops and my connection to the router is wired.

    Would having so many computers on the house cause my connection to not be strong?


    I am directly to the router and we opened all necessary ports that were listed here in a older post. I dont get it cause it worked fine before, and i dont see lag jus shows me as a red ping.

    any solutions??

    btw..i did a speed test, my ping was low atleast i think. LIke around 100 ms whatever that means.

    thanks for any help!!! id really appreciate it!
  • It is very much possible that those laptops, if all online at once, may be sucking away the bandwidth your PS3 normally got via the ethernet connection. This would especially be the case of one or more are grabbing stuff via bit torrents or other file sharing methods.
  • ya im pretty sure thats the issue cause like i said it was perfect two days ago.....definetly it i think. Hmmm thanks for the info i had a feeling that might be it. One last thing...when there not around or doing other stuff, would it be good idea to shut off anything else connected like computers ect? thanks again ill do a test tongiht an post what i find.
  • As long as the other computers aren't doing anything that take a lot of bandwidth there's no need to shut them off. If they left them on and those programs are running, however, I would either have a word with them about it.