• Is any SIMS coming out for PS3
  • Likely just a matter of time but nothing had been announced yet.
  • I read on another website that a sims 3 is gonna come out on ps3 in 2009, hopefully.
  • Key word there is "hopefully". Being said in a forum doesn't make it necessarily true. Until EA says something about the game themselves it's only rumor.

    Decided to move this bit to its own thread as the thread you were in was about the PS2 Sims and it was kinda derailing the topic. ;)
  • i hope sims 3 comes out on ps3 i will get it.
    the grapics should be better
  • instead of sims 3, playstation home will be out i think, theyre both kind of same
  • ok sounds good ill look that up
  • i think the sims 3 will come out in the middle of 2009 and iv had a look at that game home which looks very good that has been delayed untill 2009 but both sould be good.
  • Quick correction on you, nasher- Home is not a game, it's an online community. A giant lobby, as it were. From there you can check out videos, play some minigames with friends, jump into online play other games as well as set up your own "apartment" however you see fit.
  • so what do you do download it buy from the shop?
  • Considering Home will be made available to all PS3 users it most likely will be part of a firmware update. Those that were selected presently for the beta either did get it from the store (it would only show for those selected) or were given a voucher number to use in the Transaction Management.
  • isnt it supposed to be free
  • if it isent i dont mine paying for it
  • Yes, prince, Home will be free. There will be things to actually buy like special clothing selections for your avatar and custom apartment items like big screen tv's.
  • is it gonna be cheap
  • Those transactions will likely be a couple of bucks eack for us in North America so maybe upwards of a pound or two tops in the UK- not much detail has been given about it as of yet.
  • i wouldnt mind paying, for that kind of stuff, one last question, is it gonna be like sims, like go to the toilet and hav bath and stuff like dat
  • No, it will not have you going to the toilet and things like that. Like I said, Home is not a game, it is an online community for gamers to meet up.
  • ok, thnx lyndon.
  • well im goin to play it. im going to buy the sims 3 when it comes out that should be good
  • yeh man, me too, pm me if u find anything more about it.
  • here is a website all about the sims 3 TheSims3.com
  • the sims 3 wont be coming out on ps3 for a while it will becoming out on pc frist im not sure when its coming out on ps3 but defetly on pc in 2009. which i will get in on pc because i dont want to wait any longer. febuary 20th 2009 on pc
  • any news wen sims3 is coming out for PS3
  • Nothing has been announced by EA as of yet (they have the console rights to it).

    You're picking a bad time to look for any gaming-related announcements, most companies are on the down-low this week with the christmas/ new year's holidays. We most likely will not be hearing anything about this one for a while (maybe not even until E3 in July).