Need help on over heating
  • Hello,

    I have a 60G PS3 that is out of warranty, it has never been in an enclosed space, and the house is kept pretty cool.

    At first the overheating was an occasional thing but now I cannot even have it on for more than a minute without it shutting off. It works now but only because I have a large floor fan that I point straight up and place the PS3 on. This seems to do the trick but it is extremely loud as you can imagine.

    I guess my question is... is everyone SURE that all the intercoolers are a waste? There is not one that is supposed to be better? $20-30 is a lot cheaper than $150 that Sony will charge me.

    Thanks in advance!
  • you can get a USB PS3 cooler, for £14.99 frm UK, it should do the trick Best of Luck!!!!!!!
  • The vast majority of those coolers are a waste- they'll impede the air flow instead of helping it. I have yet to hear of one that is actually a benefit.

    Considering you are out of warranty now you could try prince's suggestion. Personally, i would rather have Sony's people look at it- it's possible your internal fan may have been non-functioning.
  • Cool, thank you both!