Ok new problem with harry potter
  • :mad: ok i have tried almost evrything but i can only find fourteen cards of famous witches and wizzards and there are suppoused to be seventeen can annybody help me to find the last three
  • Did you get the cards from the Gringotts Bank, you need to get all the coins and gems to get the bonus which is the cards, if you have then I found some in the forest during the hunt for the hurt unicorn :D
  • If you haven't got all the cards from the bank you have no hope of getting the game 100% finished cos you need them and if you are still in the bank or before the bank you can get them but by the sounds of it you will have to restart the game and do it all over again and remember to stay in the bank until you have recieved them all. To get them you have to get all Coins & Gems from each coin trolley trip and then you will be rewarded with a card. Hope this helps!!!! :mad: