• in lego star wars 1, in episode 1, level 5, at the part with the 9 (i think) buttons, how do i get everyone up to the lege. how do i do it?
  • You should eventually find 2 grey blocks. Jump on one with a jedi and the other should follow suit on the other block. Now, use the force on the block you are NOT standing on- your partner will automatically do the same. When you get to the top jump onto the platform found between two lifts.

    To your right you should see a grey bit of wall you can use the force on to make a platform. Doublejump across it to the right side and you'l find th exit for the crawlspace Anakin went into. Keep going to the right and everyone else in your party should be waiting for you on the switches. Just have Qui-Jon and Obi-wan step on the last two.
  • well, i must be doing something wrong, because that's what i've been doing from the start and only Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon and Anakin are there after i make the small charactor hole for him to go through with the force.