• Well what do you think?
  • Well, to say the truth, there are 4 swords... i'll rate them by attack...

    - Chronicles2 - Max Attack: 350
    - Chronicles Sword - Max Attack: 260
    - 7th Heaven - Max Attack: 240
    - Sword of Zeus - Max Attack: 199

    The 7th Heaven has a good amount of attack... and it's a good sword to have... but you should try to get the Chronicles Sword cuz it is the best of the Building up Weapons... Buy the Wise Owl Sword form the Wise Owl on Matataki Village... then upgrade it until you find the Atlamilla Sword then upgrade it to the max and you'll get the Chronicles Sword... You can get the Sword of Zeus from the Sun Sword that you got in Muska Racka... Finnaly the Chronicles2 can be got by defeating Black Knight Pendragon... But to defeat him you have to pass a dungeon called Demon Shaft with 100 floors and you'll find there many monster from every dungeon in the game and they are a LOT stronger... so get lots of items and prepare for a long time of climbing that dungeon...
  • What are the best and some of the best weapons for each character? Also how to get them.

  • Okay...


    Angel Gear (Best)
    Super Steve


    Inferno (Best)
    Tall Hammer


    Secret Armlet (Best)
    Mobius Ring


    Babel's Spear (Best)
    Hercules' Wraith


    Supernova (Best)
    Star Breaker

    To get Super Steve upgrade the steve slingshot, to get the Angel Gear upgrade the Double Impact.
    To get the Inferno upgrade the Battle Axe, to get the Tall Hammer up grade the Hell Judgement.
    To get the Secret Armlet upgrade the Godess Ring, to get the Mobius Ring upgrade the Satan's Ring.
    To get the Babel's Spear upgrade the Terra's Sword, to get the Hercule's Wraith upgrade the Mirage.
    To get the Suoernova upgrade the Snail, to get the Star Breaker upgrade the Jackal.

    Hope this Helps...
  • Does any1 have a list of all the swords on dark cloud? Like if you have the serpant sword it can upgrade it to this and that. Also list what its max stats are. Just the attck and magic and enduranse and speed.

  • Sheesh, why didn't you ask that question the first time? I'm sure someone will have the answer but next time please ask any broad questions before you make smaller questions as you did in this thread. I thank you for that. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey there GOLDENEAGLEFLYER1, here's a complete list. Hope it's enough for you!

    Dark Cloud Weapons List

    Mad, in Golden's defense, not all of us think of what we all want to ask at once. Obviously his questions lead his mind to his final one. None the less, I agree, think through your questions before asking as we don't like to see any unnecessary posts cluttering the Forums. Thanks.

    GOLDENEAGLEFLYER1, hope that helps you out.