PSN connection issue..
  • Hey guys,

    Sorry about wasting your time with another one of these posts but I cant find something that matches my issue completely.

    A few days ago I tried to connect to PSN but unusually it did not work. I did the internet connection test, IP address passed, Internet Connection Passed but Plastation Network Failed. Interestingly MSN Messenger is not able to connect anymore either.....

    I have Netcomm wireless ADSL+2
    My signal strength is 100%
    60GB PS3
    Nat Type 2

  • Hey, ponting, have u opened the ports for playstation network traffic, if not, do so, got to then go find ur router and go to playstation network. after uve done that, it should work, if it dusent, do the following:
    disable media sharing on ur PS3, turn firewall off on ur PC, make sure ur router is on the latest firmware update and give ur modem a power cycle.
    Hope it Helps!!!
    Best of Luck!!!
  • Port Fowarding did not help, im trying your second suggestion...
    The Error is 80710B23 if that helps..
  • Also try putting a static ip address for your Ps3 in your router, then put ur ps3's ip in the DMZ in your router settings.
    Hope it Helps!!!
    Had to change MTU to 1492.
    Thanks for your help man.