Fav. Super Nintendo Game
  • I know this is strickly a Playstation site. But I looked through my closet the other day and I saw a box I forgot about a long time ago. Then I opened it up and found my old super nintendo with all the old games and everything. So I hooked it up and started to play, it was preety fun actually. I so I was wondering what game was your fav. when you had the old SNES? ;)
  • Any final fantasy please! super NES ff are the best!(maybe not graphics wise, though). they even transferred them to playstaion games!
  • I said Donkey Kong, i was a little kid and it gave me hours of entertainment.I still bust out the SNES and play sometimes.......good times.
  • I chose Contra III: Alien Wars because I have always loved the Contr series. Just a great game where your a Big Bad A$$ and go around anything that moves, that is preety fun.
    And also because of the new Contra game coming out for the PS2.
    Contra: Shattered Soldiers, I saw a preview of it on Extended play. It looked awsome! Even though it was 2D I was glad that they made it 2d because I think if they made it 3d the Chaos wouldnt be as much as a 2d game where you can see all the chaos and everything thats going on.
    Definetly going to get that one.
  • My favourite SNES game would be Secret of Mana. I never ever played any SNES Final Fantasy games :( so i cant comment on them. It was a close one between Secret of Mana and Super International Cricket. Ah, the classics are, well, classic.
  • I loved zelda"!!!!!!! still do!!!!!!
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