GTA IV online problem.
  • whenever i play online on GTA IV sometimes it says starting game and it stays thier for lyf, does it happen with other people aswell??? why does this happen???:unsure:
  • ive had this problem alot,acctually ive had alot of problems with this game online.
    ive had this problem also on cod4.....some one must no why :D
  • i had CoD4 for PC and i had no prolems playing online, i think its sumat to do wiv the servers
  • Yep, it's an error with your connection and/ or the servers. Only solution would be to quit and search for another game.
  • that is wot i do, it happen 60% of my playing tym, isnt thier any way to stop, my connection is 100%
  • Afraid not. You could make sure that all of the available PlayStation Traffic ports are open on your router- that may help improve things a little.
  • they are open, it dusent happen with any other game