socom fireteam bravo 2
  • yeah i want to play infrastruter on my psp with the socom 2 game and i live in the middle east the first socom works fine and all and i play that all the time but with socom 2 i go to the infrastrucer and enter and go to where the server is and then it goes to a page saying download update so i exectp the update and when supposevily its updating the bar doesnt fill and then after about 20 minutes of me looking at the screen it says it incounterd an error and returns me the the main screen and i dont now what is going on my psp is up to date with everything and it still wont let me play online i need help:mellow:
  • The problem may be in your connection to the game server or something doing on their end- if this is the case there is not much that can be done other than try later.