• Does anyone know where to get lots of fire, lightning, ice and any other elemental gems quickly. Which is the best way, like bribing and what not? What fiends do i fight.

    Another question, where do i find tetra bracers which have four empty blocks.
  • Here are the Gems, if you have the time, then stealing is better because it doesn't cost anything, but if you have got the Gil to spare then bribe away, it is quicker as most of the monsters only give 1 or 2 gems per steal, but dont forget you can steal from an enemy more then once per battle. So you can get 20 gems from a battle if you dont kill the monster of on your fist hit. Also i suggest that if your stealing from one of the monster arean monsters, mug rather then steal. Most of the creature are hard to kill, and doing some damage to them is better then doing no damage.

    Fire Gem
    Steal- Flame Flan (Calm Lands)
    - Grenade (Mt. Gagazet)
    - Puroboros (Omega Ruins)
    - Bomb King (Monster Arena)
    Bribe-Flame Flan - x10 for 30,000 gil

    Ice Gem
    Steal- Chimera Brain (Calm Lands)
    Bribe-Ice Flan - x9 for 27,000 gil

    Lightning Gem
    Steal- Imp (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, Mt. Gagazet)
    - Vidatu (Monster Arena)

    Shadow Gem
    Steal- Sand Worm (Sanubia Desert)
    - Abyss Worm (Monster Arena)
    * 99 for catching one of every monsters at Sanubia Desert

    Shining Gem
    Steal- Coerl Regina (Monster Arena)
    Bribe- Puroburos - x36 for 400,000 gil
    * 60 for catching one of every monsters at Macalania

    Supreme Gem
    Drop- Jormungand (Monster Arena)
    Bribe- Halma - x20 for 260,000 gil
    * 60 for catching 2 species (all the bombs, elements, flans what ever, not 2 places.

    Water Gem
    Steal- Chimera Brain (Calm Lands)
    - Achelous (Mt. Gagazet)
    - Maelspike (Mt. Gagazet)
    Bribe- Water Flan - x2 for 6,300 gil
    - Blue Element - x9 for 30,000 gil

    I think that is all the gems. As for the tetra bracer, Owaka sells them. He stands by the save point in Macalania Forest. Easiest way is to go from the airship to the thunder plains, and walk up. He should be right infront of you. He sells weapons with 4 empty slots and armor with 4 empty slots, but it is a bit pricy.