Metal Gear Solid 2...
  • huh...i`ve been stuck at this point for the last 2 days.. when the colonel is having the speech and there are sooo many guards...i managed to sneak past them to hold :3 where there is a big machine (metal gear i think) and hmmm.... he tells me to take its pictures... from where do i have to take the pictures and how can i take without being seen and what is metal gear. and yes where do we have to go after we have taken the pictures and how do we know that we have taken it correctly...
  • Ok, this is pretty easy to do, but incredibly hard to explain.
    You have to take pictures of MG from the front, front-left, and front-right, and also take a clear photo of the 'Marines' logo on the side.

    The front picture is pretty easy (just shoot from the back of the room - where you enter). To get the front-left, you'll have to stay up against the wall and go across the left side of the room. Once you get to the 2nd or 3rd pillar (can't remember exactly), you should be in a reasonable position to take a front-left shot - do the same with the right.
    The 'Marines' logo is fairly easy, but I think you have to tranquilize a guard to get it. The best way to go is up the right side. Get all the way up to MG (you should be able to get there without being spotted) and go down the side. Towards the end of the path, pull out the camera and look at the side of MG. You should be able to see [MARINES] written vertically down the side. Look carefully because it's not too easy to spot.

    Once you've taken the photos, head back down towards the entrance. To the right of the entrance (in front of the first pillar) you'll see a PC. Go up to it and press Action. It'll allow you to upload the photos you've taken to Otacon and he'll tell you wether they're good enough or not.

    Hopefully you can understand the directions - as I said, it very hard to explain. Good Luck! B)
  • well... yeah i got the pictures... i accedentley got the marines lattering as i was just taking pictires in every direction....i`ll have to try again becouse the light went out...