guitar hero 3 cheat codes
  • 53 years of age and trying this guitar hero. Problem i have is just how and where do i enter the cheat codes to enable me to unlock all the songs, please help but.....old man here does need it in laymans terms. Thanks in advance.:confused: :
  • Enter the Guitar Hero 3 Cheats by going into the options sub menu and into the cheats menu. These must be strummed on the frets corresponding colors listed below.
    Y = Yellow
    B = Blue
    O = Orange
    G = Green
    R = Red
    ( ) = Notes in parentheses are a cord and must be strummed at the same time when entering cheats.
  • am i right in assuming that i just scroll down then to where it says enter cheat code then strumm through the appropriate colours relating to that particular cheat? then scroll down and press on accept?
  • Yes, i assume, i havent played guitar hero 3, but i got this info from another website to help you out.;)
  • appreciate that thank you. I will let you know if it works.
  • Tried what you said but all in vain when i entered the cheat nothing at all happened. I strummed as i hit the notes completed it went down to accept and ummm nothing, all i wanna be is a aging rock god :-):eek:
  • From the main menu, go to options , then cheats, then struck the following,
    to unlock all songs, good luck.