Gta Iv Online Ranks Advantages
  • Wot are the advantages of being a high rank in GTA IV other than new clothing
  • That is the only advantage. Getting to a higher rank unlocks more customization options- that's all.
  • Dont you get more power or sumat,(like harder to kill)
  • No. Rockstar didnt really explore the levelling system too well...:rolleyes:
  • I think they have Rob, because, when i play wiv my cousin, (who is rank 10) it is so hard to kill him, i have to shoot him a thousand times for him to die, also he only shoots me like 10 times and i die, i think the have done something to the level system.(they're not as daft as you seem they are):D
  • P R I N C E, there is no official word from Rockstar about any 'power advantages' with their online ranks. This can only mean that it does not exist and, therefore, i am led to think that they didn't go into much depth with their online levelling system...;)

    Your cousin may just be 'lagging' a little on his end. Does he have any connection problems?
  • no, his connection is perfect