• how do you find the three things on the mountain?
  • Follow the mountain icon and enter the mountain temple.


    Shoot the platform so you can cross. Continue down the elevator into the central area. Kill frog Metal-heads. Take the north route. Kill a horde of froglike Metal-heads. Cross the moving platforms and drop down to the black-eco lake. Hit the box and enter it. Cross the lake using the boxes. Shoot the platform and climb up. Kill the large Metal-head to open the gate. Enter and get the Shard. Return to the central room of this area.


    This time head west. Shoot the platforms and climb down. Kill the large Metal-head. Jump on the switch to create platforms to climb up. Continue to the boulder run, and avoid the boulders while passing through. Use natural barriers to shelter behind as you climb up. Once up, follow the passage, shoot and cross the platforms, approach the machine, and get the Gear. Return to the central area.


    Finally, head east and south. Kill a shield Metal-head. Kill some frogs, pass a waterfall, and drop down to a lower area. Kill the large Metal-head and hit the switch. Climb up and take care of another shield Metal-head. Cross a bridge and it will turn into moving platforms. Use the platforms to reach a higher ledge. Shoot another platform and cross. Cross another moving platform and kill some more Metal-heads. Kill another shield Metal-head and hit the switch. Be ready for a bunch of frog Metal-heads as you climb up. Enter the chamber and get the Lens. Return to the city.