Why is there a huge gap between semi-pro and pro difficulties in Fifa 08 for PS2
  • I've been playing Fifa for the PS2 since 04/05 season, I got the difficulty up to pro in Fifa 2005 and played the Manager Mode for the full 15 seasons, starting off with a lower league team, gaining promotion through playoff and going on cup runs until I meet a five star team and inevitably losing to them. Then at the end of the season going to a better team and buying better players, I managed a four and a half star rating at the end of the 15 seasons and in that time I managed five teams in different countries, I enjoyed the fact that, if you had a quick winger(s) on either flank you could sprint past the fullbacks, provided they had less pace than your player, the same applied to defenders, if they had good tackling skills you would be less likely to concede a goal, provided it wasn't a player with extradordinary skill like Rooney, Henry, Torres, Van Nistlerooy. I liked the introduction of 'Pace Control' in Fifa 06, it took a while but I got the hang of it, starting off with semi-pro, (120 matches approx), progressing to pro (260 matches approx), taking a chance with world class (430 matches approx) and then the ultimate challenge legendary (100 matches approx), all these matches include playing The Challange Modes as well as the Manager Mode games. I managed a win percentage of 80%.
    Fifa 07 was like a combination of 2005 and 06, whereby you could out run lesser paced opponents and use the pace control whenever you needed it.
    Just like Fifa 06 I went through the difficulties, losing games and losing many big final games, I didn't win every game, but I liked the learning curve advancing from semi-pro to pro to wc and legendary, using tactics and different formations to try and beat opponents, and in that game I managed a win percentage of around 80% as well.
    I loved the Fifa games since 2005 and caught on very quickly to the gameplay, as I played nothing else for the PS2. Recently I bought Fifa 08, started playing it and thought I could do the same thing as with the previous games, but I've noticed there's a huge gap between semi-pro and pro difficulty, and my defenders don't seem to react accordingly (like TRY to defend:mad: ) to opposing attacks, I understand that Fifa have to make the game a little more difficult and I don't mind that they make you work to score goals, but the AI's defence is much more solid and quicker to react to you attacking them. Another thing I can't seem to understand is if you have a forward whose sprint speed and acceloration is 90+, as well as dribbling and ball control, why can't he outrun a lessor paced defender? :huh: Is there any one else who might have these problems??????????????????:confused:
  • I can definitely agree with you about the defense problems in Fifa 08 and the immensely 'improved' AI and difficulty settings. From Fifa 05 i could win every single match easy, but with Fifa 08 i struggle to win a match at all in single player (in Pro mode), where as online i may win 50-70% of the time against actual people...?

    In single player, like you, i find the defense is impossible to use effectively at times, with opposing players just running straight through everyone and creating through balls which when i try to imitate at the other end always fail miserably. To score a goal in pro mode for me has proven to be very difficult indeed (never mind World Class!), where as in Fifa 05, 06, 07 i just ran rings around opponents most of the time at a setting of this standard scoring 4 or 5 goals every match...?

    The new AI EA have introduced has really changed the game with the step up from Semi-pro to Pro, there's nothing you can do except keep on trying and getting frustrated 99% of the time.