FIFA 08 PS2 - using same players in different teams
  • Can you please help?

    We created a World XI team and for example transferred Steven Gerrard from Liverpool into this team.

    My other son then wanted to create his own International XI but wanted Steven Gerrard to play in his team as well.

    It seems that when we do this the player is removed from Liverpool to the World XI and then to the International XI - he doesn't stay in each team.


    1) Can the same player play and be saved in separate teams such as my son's World XI, my other son's Int'l XI and Liverpool?

    2) Ultimately can they play against each other if say my sons' play their selected XI vs each other?

    Many thanks,
  • I'm not entirely sure, but you should be able to. Once you've created your squad there should be a save squad (or something similar) prompt that should save the squad and allow you to use it in kick-off matches.

    The World XI side squad resets after every match, anyhow. So to keep your World XI 'dream' side you'd have to save it as a squad on the HDD.