Blu-Ray DVD Player
  • Hi, i just wanted to find out what is the point of gong online on a blu-ray dvd player, like going online,what happens online on a blu-ray dvd player,
    like on a ps you can play online with other people, what happens on a blu-ray dvd layer
  • Some Blu-Ray movies will have extra content that is only accessible by going online. This is part of the "Blu-Ray 2.0", a.k.a. "BD-Live" upgrade the PS3 had received some time ago via a past firmware update.

    This will also allow linking to certain things like games or being able to buy things seen in the movie over the web. Now, not many Blu-Ray movies are taking advantage of this yet- the first two I know of are "Walk Hard - The Dewey Cox Story" and Ah-Nuld Schwarzenegger’s “The 6th Day”. Once it gets more available among standalone Blu-Ray players it will become more common on the discs.
  • ok, thnx, wot do u mean by games
  • These would be small mini-game kind of things that the movie studio had put together for them- nothing as big as what we normally see on the PS3 on disc, this would be more along the range of some flash-based games you would find in your arcade section.
  • ok, thnx, i have just bought a samsung 7.1 blu-ray home cinema system, now, i want to connect my PS3 to my home cinema system, so i can here the gunshots in blu-ray. :D can u plz tell me how to do dat
  • Route the audio to the system using a digital optical cable and just leave the video as-is.
  • thnx m8, very very very much appreciated