Need help finding a game...
  • Ok, so my socially challenged friend has requested my help in finding a game that she is fairly certain is a Play Station One game.

    "It wasn't turn based. The main character's fur was cream-colored, he/she looked doggish, I think he/she wore blue clothes.

    In one part, I had to get through some forest. And everytime I went to a new part (which was like a tiny circle of grass surrounded by trees) I'd have to get around these dragons. Kinda like the Chinese paper ones at the festivals. They're really long, and they couldn't fly. I never got past that part cuz one always got me.

    I also know there were three, evil, female cats in balloons."

    I had absolutely NO clue what this game was... so I brought it here >.>

    Any ideas?:confused:
  • I'm at a loss to think of it with the information given. Can she remember anything else about the game?
  • digimmon ?
    sounds to mre like digimon
  • or suikeden maybe ?