Best Way To Clean Discs?
  • GT3 disc hasn't been working so I cleaned it off with one of those clothes that say they don't scratch...well mine did so now I got hella scratches on my there a better way to clean them?
  • Well, i use my glasses cleaner cloth and you can find those at a glasses store....other than that i use tissue. I wouldn't recommend paper towels. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Rubbing alcohol and a very soft cloth. Wipe from the center straight out. Do not go in circles! The last time I had a scratched disk I bought an Allsop Scratch Repair System and I must say I worked great. I think it was about $10 (CND) and it claims to repair 100 CD's and DVD's. For 10 bucks you can't beat it.
  • Sounds good I'll try that out. Thanks for replying.
  • My game still doesn't work even after I cleaned it. It never loads when I'm about to race (it never gets past the black screen with the little flashing white box in the corner)
  • Well, if it's not scratched and you've cleaned both the PS2 and the game then it sounds like either the game is defective or the cd-rom alignment is off.
  • The disc is scratched just a little bit but it has always worked before except for now.
  • Rubbing Alcohol???!!! um I don't think you're suppossed to use harsh abrasives and such.Do you use that on your games rex?! The section on caring for your PS2 and games in the manual clearly states that you shouldn't use rubbing alcohol.I wouldn't trust it.It's wise to go out and buy a nice cleaning kit for your games and dvds.Try to get a half way decent one too.If you have to spend a little extra then do so.You gotta take care of your games and a cheap cleaning kit isn't the way to go.Trust me I bought one cheap and it actually made scratches on my disks!! You might also want to pick up a disk repair kit to fix the scratches on your games and dvds.You can find these and cleaning kits in the electronics section at pretty much any store.
  • Originally posted by Billy_Madison@Aug 5 2002, 01:06 AM
    Rubbing Alcohol???!!! um I don't think you're suppossed to use harsh abrasives and such.Do you use that on your games rex?!

    Rubbing alcohol is not a harsh abrasive. When I bought my cleaning kit it came with a little bottle of rubbing alcohol to put on the disc, then all you do is wipe it off with a lint free cloth.
  • I read in the letters part of a magazine that someone had used a car cleaner on their scratched disk, and that it actually worked! I wouldn't use this myself, and the magazine also said they did not recommend it.
  • Running Alcohol is the best way to clean CD's. Alwats worked with my PSX CD's. Follow Rex77's, its the way I do it also. But, if its still not working then it is like Madhtr said: The CD can be defective EVEN if it has a scratch or not. If your PS@ still plays other games then it is in fact the CD itself.