Powercord receptacle problem
  • Thought I had a powercord problem. Replaced cord, problem persists --> cord has to be pushed to the side in receptacle in back of PS2 and wedged in that position for PS2 to work. Can the part it plugs in to be replaced? How?
  • It can be but unless you are adept at this sort of thing (and know where to get the parts)yourself it will need to be sent in to Sony for repairs. They will charge a fee if you are out of the warranty period, likely in the range of $65-80 dollars (they can say for sure over the phone). Give their tech support a call to get your options.
  • Replacing it is not a problem. How can I find out what part it is, by calling them?
  • What you'll be loking for is the PS2 Power Supply. The thing is to get the one meant for the model of PS2 you have.

    You definitely won't get Sony to sell you one- you'll need to do a Google search for "PlayStation 2 parts" to find a site that will.