• We have 2 PS2. We cant get God of War2 to work on them, other games will play on the PS2s but not God Of War2 game. Any help would be appericated. We have bought 2 God Of War2 games thinking it was the game and it still will not play. The PS2 model # is #SCPH 75001.
  • How old is your PS2? I'm wondering if the problem may be the system itself and not the disc. If you can, give the disc a go on a friend's system.
  • We tried that, thank you for the suggestion. The disk played on other PS2.. was just wondering if there was some type of setting we are missing for this game or another reason.
  • Sounds like your system may be in the beginning stages of crapping out, red. It usually starts with one game and eventually will happen more frequently.

    You could try cleaning the lens with a q-tip and the barest bit of isopropyl rubbing alcohol, just in case it is just a dirty lens. be sure not to use too much of the alcohol as it could do some damage to the circuitry if it gets down into the system itself.