• a couple of issues:

    1. why does Torin walk around the house crying and sniveling? I cant get him to stop.

    2. When I make a group meal. it seems to disappear after a few seconds

    3. In the orbit room, Jessie and Phil have disappeared. The carpool is waiting for them, yet they are no where to be found
  • Have you challenged Torin to a game of football yet...?

    The 'group meal disappearing' is a glitch in the game. There isn't really a way around it except from the fact that sometimes (rarely) the glitch doesn't occur. Cooking in classic control mode is said to help you avoid the glitch, however.

    I'm not sure about why Jessie and Phil would have disappeared. Are you sure you haven't already fulfilled all their wants...?
  • I've already beaten Torrin in the foosball game, but I move back to that house from time to time. And I have not fulfilled all of Phil's wants. He doesnt have all the friends to get promoted yet. Maybe thats a glitch too?
  • Maybe he's just sad, leave him that way if it doesn't affect the game.

    It could be? Just give it a while and see if he returns- maybe with more friends...?
  • The answer to your question is!
    1) torin is crying because his socialization skills are low you can get that up buy talking on the phone chatting on the computer or talking to another sim.
    2)The group meak dissapears because you probably pressed triangle or it is just a simple glitch that is a problem with your CD
    3) They might have dissapeared because they could have moved out of the house and buy checking you can switch from sim to sim to check and they could have died with out you knowing.

    Tip of the day:On sims 2 for the playstation your not able to have babies and there are not any known cheats.

    Yesterday's Tip of the Day: Get great jobs and to get a promotion get there motives in green and try to get there body up or maybe one of the ones they need to get a promotion.

    Good Luck and have fun!!!!