• hey...
    i read that we can unlock digital camera when we finish the game once.... don`t we have it at the starting...?
  • Yes you do have a digital camera at the start but the digital camera you get for finishing the game can be used in the big shell as well, and you can save the pictures you take to memory card. It's no bandana or stealth suit, but it's good to take snapshots of your incredible marksmanship - when you tranq a guard right between the eyes... or in the eye... or even 'downstairs'...heh heh heh :ph34r:

    But yeah, the point is it's pretty cool B)
  • Also, in the boxing factory of the big shell, nab the Z.O.E. box and use it on the conveyor belt. This will transport you to a small room with the Digital Camera in.

    Alternatively, after Emma Emerich has been wounded by Vamp, you have acces of her high level key card. You will/may find a room with a soldier happily dancing along to music. This is the same room as mentioned, so you can collect the Digital Camera at this point in the game too.

    Hope you found this information useful, wasif.