• My PSN was nnot working due to DNS error, so i put in for primary DNS: and for secondary DNS:
    so when i tested the connection everything was perfect,
    but it said at the bottom;
    your router does not have IP fragment, some games may not respond.
    PLZ help, wot does this mean what should i do to fix this
  • It's a data protocol that lets packets of data be broken down even smaller than they actually are. As the message said, your router doesn't support this and may make some games unable to go online. The only thing you can do is find a router that does support it.
  • ive spoke to belkin and they said it has it, its the best they have
    can you tell me what it means again in a easier way, im a bit daft ;D
  • The data is sent in chunks called "packets". IP Fragment lets those packets be broken down into smaller, more digestible chunks for those with slower connections.

    If belkin says your router does have it you may need to look into the settings of it and find it- maybe it is turned off on your router currently.
  • when i put it my wireless settings to automatic, it started workin