Dodo Flght Records
  • This morning I just beat my own Dodo flying record. My old record was 157 seconds which I obtained yesterday, and now I reached 392 seconds! A very big leap!

    What I'm trying to find out is your longest flight, so vote away!
  • My longest time is 96 seconds. Although flying around is great at first, once you
  • Well, I thought that 400 seconds was a real acheivment to get. But today I pushed my limits even further!
    I flew a pretty incredible (for me anyway) 1002 second flight, before catching my wing on a building while 'sidewinding' through Staunton Island. Not too good, considering the world record is a whopping 49 hours in the air! (In real life and not the game world!).
  • I flew for 19 seconds.
  • i flew from Shoreside Airport to Staunton for about 22 seconds. that's without steering at all. once i steer i have about 2 seconds of fun before the plane nose-dives. they should have programmed a parachute so you could get out while flying. HEY! wow, that would be cool to be able to jump from a moving vehicle, even if it wasn't a plane...

    i still don't have the idea of how to keep the Dodo in the air.

    I just flew around all islands about five times but got bored so I flew into the Asuka mission scenes (in the building site). I tottaled a flight of 1608 seconds!
  • Okay, I read one of you mentioning a ghost town, and the stadium... I was just wondering whats IN the stadium and what the ghost town looks like, as im never going to get good with the plane to see it myself... How do you keep that thing in the air?
  • How do you turn while flying. I can go straight very well, but when I try to turn the plane spirals down.
  • Ok, to turn the dodo you need to tap the direction, not hold it. Keep tapping untill you turn to the right angle and then tap the other way to steady the plane.

    Inside the stadium: Just excactly like a normal sports stadium, grass, stands, and that's about it. But the ground is not solid so you fly straight throught it.