project eden,help with construction level.
  • hi i am playing project eden with my daughter and we are stuck in the construction level. we have achieved most of the objectives but the team is still split and we haven't managed to find each other. the girls have come across a yellow door(bulk) but can't get thru it and the guys are just going round in circles. they have the access card but can't get further and keep going round in circles. just going up and down and not finding anything. the girls are also stuck. could use a little help,a push in the right direction if you have any ideas. its obviously quite hard to explain what we have and haven't done,but any help would be cool. thanx:confused:
  • With Andre' and Carter, go through the broken doors to the regen station, and top both up. Then leave through the door where you left the beam platform. Go down to the lowered area via a beam. The bridge is drawn and you can't go through! Note that there might be a Death Head on the other side, and characters left to their own might waste lots of ammo trying to hit him. Park them in a place with no line of sight to the bridge, e.g., near the wall to the left side.

    Go back to Amber and Minoko and you should now be able to leave through the door.