Star Wars Battlefront II
  • I am in the chapter Coruscant where the Sith are eradicating the Jedi Temple. At what I assume is the end of the chapter, I have to kill 3 Jedi masters. Anakin quickly dies; the clone troopers are swarmed by the Jedi without having much opportunity to get off a shot. What strategy suggestions do you have for ending this chapter?

    Also, what do you need to do in order to get to play as a Jedi for longer in each chapter--I am only getting to play as the Jedi for a minute or so and then they seem to die--although it doesn't always seem apparent why they are dying--in some cases I don't see them getting hit by anything they just fall down (the Jedi that is).
  • To kill the three Jedi's i recommend throwing your lightsaber at them. This will kill them in one hit. If your Jedi dies, switch to the Clone Commander and unload on the masters with the chaingun. There'll be eradicated in no time...;)

    From what i remember about the game, i think a time limit is imposed on being a jedi. Are you sure this isn't why they're 'just falling down'?
  • Thanks. I didn't realize there was a timelimit but that makes sense. In the booklit it didn't explain the commands for saber throw. Do you remember them?
  • I can't remember them exactly, but i know it's a force power, however. If you mess with the force controls for a while you're sure to find it.