Please Help Me With .hack infection
  • i just need help collecting all the ultimate weapons in the game. thanks
  • Ultimate Weapons...? Is that what they're called in-game?
  • thats what i been reading, but sum ppl call them the best weapons for each character
  • The strongest weapon for any Heavy Blade character is the Blaze Sword. You can get it by Data Draining the Hell Hounds in a Level 28 to 30 key world, such as Voluptuous Geothermal Paradise.

    Kite's best available weapon for this game is the L14 Dual Blade. Data Drain the MU Guardians until you manage to steal it.

    Elk- Best weapon: Starstorm Wand, along with two Rainbow Cards.

    This is all i could find, i hope it helps.
  • cool, that helps alot. thank you very much. :-)