• hi all i need help on stunt man #39 where i got to chase a van and let it hit me and i do a barrle rowl.I do every thing right but noughting happens please help
  • Hey mikey I think this kinda topic belongs in the PS2 game help section bro :)
  • well yeah your right,Staff could ya please move this topic for me.Thanks
    Now i got another question i am now on a whopon and a hollerin and i need help on it to,Thanks
  • Thats the same movie I was having problems with when I rented it. I hope its the same problem that I was having cause here is my solution. If it is the chimneys that you are having problem with instead of going under them try going around them. If this is not the problem then post it and we can see what we can do.
  • yes rex,that was the problem and thanks alot,I made it wahoo.
  • ok i'm blood oath and i'm driveing a tuk tuk and i gt a helecoptor after e,All i'm able to do is drive up those first 2 ramps and then i'm stuck........PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alright Mikey , when you go up the ramp do a 180 (at the end) then turn left through the wall onto the roof. Need any more help ....just let me know.
  • All I can say is, if at first you don't succeed try try again. Stunt Man can be a very challenging game but is not impossible, it just seems like it somtimes. Just so you know (lol) I just passed it last week 100% on every movie, not easy but very satisfying. I have yet to talk to anyone else who bothered, most people give up.
  • Correction : Turn right, not left as stated in my previous post.
  • okie tanner and evilAaron,I'm on live twice for tommorrow and after you got through the 2 tunnels i keep loseing the lady in the car and ya help???
  • Mikey if youve got this far ... you should be able to do it without help. EvilAaron (well done m8! 4 gettin 100% in all missions) is right - you just have to keep plugging away.

    Its hard to give advice when all you can think of saying is 'give it time' and 'keep trying'. If you are still stuck after a couple of days of play - i will play the mission again and get back to you.
  • thanks for your help Tanner but me and my brother in law has beeten it and where stuck on the next mission,But thanks for your help
  • hey all i've beeten stuntman and unlocked everything thanks to speediebeenie B) and i've got every car unlocker and i dont see a monstertruck that's black w/ flames on it.The only one i see is a blue one.
    can anyone help.thanks