Abe's exoddus ps1
  • I know it is an old game, but I am having a blast playing it. But I have a problem with it that I can not solve after extensive search on the internet.

    I have two copies of this game (three counting the pc and book). When playing the ps1 game, and as I got to the slig barracks, all instructions tell me to go to the door titled "employees only". On the first set of cd's I got stuck here. After completing all points up and to the feeco depot and having saved ALL of the mudokons, when I tryed to enter through the "employess only" door...I found the door shut and unexcessable. SO... after NOT being able to find help with this problem online, I thought it MAY be the game itself and I thought I would have a go with my second set of cd's of the game. I got though the employee's door this time and was able to deactivate the electric security fence. All was well. I had completed everything and had ALL of the mudokons...I entered level SEVEN "bonewerks" and when I get to the first security fence, IT WAS ACTIVE!!!! I went back to the "employees only" door to deactivate again..IT WAS CLOSED! Any suggestions would be great. I am a 46 year old who stumbled across this game and fell in love with it. I have spent HOURS of fun with it. But the fun dwindles quickly with the frustration at hand. Thanks.
  • Maybe this is what you are missing- on your way to BoneWorks (during your second visit to the Feeco Depot) there is a bone sack. Hit this to grab a bone. Now, when you get to the path to BoneWorks toss the bone to the Sloggie on the other side- it will step onto a pressure plate that cuts the electricity from this fence.