hitting the ball long on Tigers woods 09
  • how can you hit the ball real long ( Power Hitting ) for tw 09.my power is up to 12 on all............ but yet i only hit the ball 360 to 375....and i see other players hitting the ball WELL over 400 yards.......are thy cheatin in some way, or how dod they did that...Thank You..u can email me at [email]man4hire48@hotmail.com[/email]
  • They have been at it long enough to pick up the various equipment upgrades to boost their power that extra bit (clothing, balls, clubs). Keep building up the cash to go shopping in the pro shop to help even the odds.
  • i have this same question but cant get an answer. i have bought everything and tried them all in the pro shop they are doing something to hit the ball that far but cant get an answer