Metal Gear Solid Help..
  • hmm...
    after killing the ninja...hmm...he gives us the terrerist suit and tells us to equip the m4...or whatever or otherwise i`ll be spotted...i don`t know where to find that gun... and if we find that gun in B1 then theres something else... the elevater has a camera with it... and it spots me...even if i wear the suit... i tried it with a chaff so i can jam it and get in the elevater but it doesn`t work...the camera doesn`t spot us but the elevater doesn`t open...
  • First of all, you don't kill the Ninja. Second of all you can find the AK that you need and other such weapons, not in the boxing factory, but the storage area where two guards patrol and one radios every now and again (not the sediment pool). When you get to that camera you need to make sure you have the B.D.U. equiped, and your newly found AK. You can now pass the elevator once the camera has confirmed you are wearing all the right equipment.
  • The room Newish is talking about is the warehouse in strut F, inside it is the M4 machine gun, and the AKS-74u.
  • ohh yeah i forgot we don`t kill the ninja....we kill fatman.. hmm in strut f.. well i`ll five it a try.