error 80710B24 please help please
  • hi my name is ozimmo please i need a help ... i did the updet for the system intranet in a seting part and evreything is good but when i try to open playstation store its said error and you are sing out and its give me this namber (80710B24) ...... i go again to the seting part and i click on updet for the system intranet but its said you are did the updet for the intranet.
    And i need a help please please help.:(
    if you know how do you can fix this problem send to (
    thank you for reading.
  • You aren't the only one getting this, ozimmo- a quick search for that error showed me several others that are having the same thing happen to them. This could be a problem with the servers at Sony's end. In the meantime, go through all your settings on the router and the PS3 to make sure nothing has changed. If all is as it was before the update give Sony's tech support a call- they would be able to say if they are having problems.