• hi, i'm having trouble getting thru this mission.

    i get past the first fight, past the first Panzer, past the next fight where the large crator is in the middle of the street. I also get past the next machine gun nest and complete the 2nd objective - "Neutralize Panzerschreck squad". but from there, i struggle.

    when you enter the next street, i tried hiding in the space on the left side of the street, also i tried rushing forward to find some stairs or something. but the second Panzer and machine gun are tough....

    thanks :blink:
  • i don't remember all the details there, but you should have the bazooka (or what ever it calls) now.

    as i recall you can hide in some building recks with a small crack in the wall with a view to the tank. when you see the tank shoot it with the bazooka and hide to avoid it shooting you back. after a few shots you should be ok.

    i think thats what i did, after all it was a long time ago...
  • The last tank isn't easy. I did it a couple of ways and none had a 100% succces rate. Jar Jar's way works from a couple spots, just make sure your not in the tanks line of site for long. You can also sneak to the machine gun nest as the tank patrols away from it. The mounted guns take out a tank in a hurry. I found this mission to be one of the more difficult ones, I did get Gold third try though.
  • Just run into the first building to the left of the tank, use the door. Run to the back of the room and hang a right up the stairs. Look up and clip the guy hiding on the remains of the third floor. now pop your head up over the second floor and you can bazooka the tank. If it shoots at you, run half way down the stairs and your safe. You have to kill the guy at the top of the stairs or you will die for sure.