why i adore COD4.
  • i cant get enough of this game,ive been playing GRAW2 for the past few nights not a bad game all in all but i was then drawn back to COD4.
    win lose or draw this game never bores,i just cant get enough of it i dont no what makes me keep coming back to this one out of all the games i have but i just love it,the campain is good ive even started to play it again on aharder level but online it's just fantastic im even starting to like the china town map.
    every other game ive usally played once may be twice and then either never play it again or just got rid but cod4 is the best game i have ever played and nothing not nothing i think can beat this.

  • Ya i agree cod4 does seem to never get old. But i find myself not playing it more and more becuase 3/4 of the gamers in cod4 do nothing but camp. That and lag delay deaths piss me off.
  • i agree that the lagging thing is very annoying ive allways had problems with that ever since i bought cod4.
  • i never did just gotta be careful who you get your timnternet through in UK and what router youn use.
  • what router should u use, i cnt host a game in GRAW2, i need a good router, any suggestions
  • a high end netgear should be fine im using the £70.00 one and its fantastic
  • ok wot is it called
  • wot is it called
  • not home at monet but its the one thats slightly larger than the normal net gear and its about 70.00 its advertisment thingy isthat its got massive range.
  • Agreed Steel, awesome game, we have had a few good laughs together along with sfjp etc.

    I think its the reward mechanism, keeps you playing to get to the next level.

    i love it, although not been on PS3 for a month or so.

    As for routers, mine is also a netgear, never had a problem.
  • i just think u guys dont pay attention enought to notice. Try a normal game some time and watch the kill cam when u die, usually ur body will be in a place it wasnt when u first start getting shot at.