• Ok I registered here for the sole intent of finding out how to enter the cheat codes for Gutar Hero. Specifically, GH2 but I would try any. I have the codes from the site and I enter them at the main screen (Career, Quickplay, etc..) but nothing ever happens. :rolleyes:

    Can anybody help?
  • Here is the cheats I am trying for GH2
  • Those cheats are entered in from the Options screen- go into there from the main menu first. The letters correspond to the color of the button (green, yellow, orange) on the guitar.
  • Thanks for the Reply, but I still have no luck.

    Tried entering at the options menu, then going to career. Also tried going to quickplay after the options menu. Is there a subcategory under options I need to go to? Do i need to save the game (after entering the code and before going to play)?
    Im stumped, any more suggestions?

    I do thank you for trying help me,
  • Only other spot to try would be at the title screen itself.
  • ARG! Nothing still. I am trying to do the flaming heads. In options menu and in all the subcategories under options I have entered the code and then go to play career (tried quickplay too). Never changes! Any other ideas. TIA