Yet another network problem. Sorry
  • Ok before i go into major details about specific router model and such, i'll ask the general question. Trying to play mercenaries two with a buddy that lives about 2 hours away from myself. We both can play in other peoples games, other people are able to join my game, but for some reason it shows up as "Could not join game: the game is not available at this time." at every connect attempt. We both know there are no others in the party, and that we are both connected to EA servers. To just do a random test i brought my console to his house, connected to his router, and we were instantly able to play. Any help would be appreciated, and i will go into further detail if needed. Thank you in advance. *Also, we are able to connect on any non ea game, Haze is one example. We have no problems connecting to co-op play on there, as well as able to communicate through chat over the psn.
  • Sounds like you may need to tweak some router settings- you may still have certain ports closed that EA needs for the online portion of the game. In particular, EA lists these ports:

    * UDP 3658 (peer to peer)
    * TCP 6000 (VOIP)

    If you do not have these open, doing so on your router should fix the issue.
  • it also happens wiv me, but when i play GTA IV, it only happens with some people, i cant play online, ive opened all the ports required from
  • I have a d-link 624 model i believe. I have set my PS3's IP address to DMZ enabled on the router. Would i still have to open those ports in router if i have done this?
  • If your PS3's IP is in the DMZ then you shouldn't have to mess with any ports at all. Still, it may be worth doing just in case the router itself did not quite take the DMZ settings the first time.
  • Opened the ports that you suggested, and still nada. My friend tried doing the same thing. Still nothing. :/