• hi...
    hmm...that presedent how can i save him? hmm well i wanted to know that how many control units do i have to blast away before i can cross the bridge to save `em...and where are the controll units ...i was able to find only 4-5 of `em where are the rest?
    thanks...and hey where do i get m4?
  • Number 1)Not quite sure on how the excact way to get to him.
    Number 2) There are about 10 units on the connecting bridge, but they change depending on the difficulty level you are on.
    Number 3)The M4 is in the Strut F warehouse.

    Sorry about that little mishap Rex77.
  • Newish, obviously Wasif has not made it to the President yet. Please do not post possible spoilers, try not to ruin fellow members gameplay.

    Wasif, your control unit question has been covered here.