Hot Shots Golf/Everybodys Golf
  • I played a demo of Everybody's Golf which i really enjoyed playing even though i never liked golf games. But i never played Hot Shots Golf and i dont know if it's similar to Everybody's Golf, if it is do you think it would be worth it if i bought both even though i suck at golf games?
  • Everybody's Golf IS Hot Shots Golf- they are the same game, just different titles for the different markets. With a bit of practice you can soon be getting that ball right down the middle. If you enjoyed the demo you will definitely enjoy the full game- go ahead and pick it up.

    As you may have noticed I had been trying to get a bit of a tourney going on this game but it's been like pulling teeth to get players. Both the UK and North American versions share the same servers so it should be easy to get a group together for some online play (or so one would think).
  • yeh the game is ace definatley worth a purchase check the reviews aswell if you like and its full of downloadable content.