Tiger Woods 09 Online Skill Level
  • Could someone explain how you improve your skill level online in Tiger Woods 09. I am stuck on Level 1 yet have done quite well and won twice as many games than I have lost. What is the best tactic to work your way up through these levels.


  • To be honest, i would like to know this myself. EA's "support" is decidedly non-supportive when it comes to answering simple questions like this. :frown: I'll try to do some digging around and see what i can find.
  • You will not go up to a level 2 untill you have 600 skill points. Then it is about every 100 from there. Not sure exactly what the intervals are but i do know that a 600 points you go to the next level
  • where do you find how many points you have please help
  • How do you level up??? I see people online with like level 26??? How do you get your skills to go up??? HOW! HOW! HOW!???