• In the last level ... how do you beat Venom? I've made it to the part where you throw him up in the air and Harry hits him, and then I die ... is there a secret or something?:confused:
  • Venom/ Eddie has three different stances- the one he uses will determine the attack to use. The three combos are:

    1: Do 4 Square button attacks, vault over him using L+L2 then 4 Square attacks again
    2: 1 to 3 Square attacks, dodge with the L2 then hit with 1-3 Square attacks
    3: press the circle button when prompted as he charges

    At first use the first attack. Eventually he will be in this black glow/ aura- switch to the second attack when this happens. Eventually he will be fully shielded- wait for the charge and hit the circle button. harry wil hit him and venom will be back in the first stance. After several times the battle is over- but you still have to be quick or say buh-bye to MJ.