If No Cheats For Peter Pan
  • Please help my son getting violent now!! :D
    Does any one know how to kill the croc on level 16 all it says is kill the birds collect the pixie dust and the rest is up to you???
    What are you meant to do. It doesnt matter if you have full health and all the pixie dust
    Please please [please I'm begging you]

    Hope you can help
  • :o I see no walkthroughs here Dark Angel. There are 3 codes for level skipping. If your son is having trouble with him then just skip the level. Here are the 3 codes to input. It doesnt say where o put them so im thinking there is a code input screen somewhere on the startup of the game. Like in options for instance.

    Level Select
    Jungle Level

    Beach Level

    Forest Level
    Sorry about the no walkthrouhs, guess nobody wants to write one. Contact me if you have any more problems. ;)