I can't play DVDs on my PS2
  • Hi technicians,
    I am a new member in your forums. This is my first thread. I hope to find listening ears and an answer for my call.

    I have PS2 that I cannot play DVD movies on it. It just plays games. How can I solve this problem?

    Model No.: SCPH-77004
    Browser: 1.4
    CD Player: 2.00
    PS Driver: 2.00
    DVD Player: 3.11E

    I am looking to hear from you,

    Thanks ahead.

  • There are ways to go in and clean it- we personaly don't recommend taking the top off and going in unless you are sure of what you are doing.

    I have seen some people suggest using a small bit of rubbing alcohol on a q-tip to clean the lens. I'm not so sure of this being a good idea in case some gets into other circuitry and completely ruins the system. There are cleaning kits available at game shops- next time you are in maybe the staff there can suggest something.

    One other possibility is the lens may have been slightly misaligned inside. Again, fixing this will require going inside the PS2. Instructions on this can be found through a quick search also. i would try the cleaning kit solution first.
  • It didnt play DVDs from the first since it was new. But I didnt try DVDs till recently when I knew that it is able to play DVDs. Games are running smoothly.

    Thanks "Prince"
  • Seems like some kind of malfunction with the consoles lens or something similar. If it's worth it for you, the only option would be to contact Sony's Tech Support and arrange for repairs/ replacement. If your console is still under the warranty of 90 days this will be for free. If not, you'll be looking at about a $50.00 charge (repairs) for the privelege.
  • Does it have anything to do with the type of my ps2 whether SLIM/or NOT?

    Thanks for your help.
  • No, both types play DVD's.