hp order of order ps2 im confused by instructed
  • my lesson was suppose to meet twin fred and george at dueling place outside where i suppose meet them ... but when i came outside i found myself stuck couldnt able to go futher to meet fred and george becuase there is block to access to futher such as snape was stand there that where i suppose go and also there s lady that i forgot her name was and she was block there other way too i couldnt figure how to get out to go futher can anyone tell me how to get there ??? im new to that game just began last week any quesiton pls contact me thank u
  • I can't find anything that suggests that Snape and the other Lady should be blocking the way...? You are using your Marauders Map and following that route, correct...?
  • thank for repsones i finally had solved it thank u for trying help me