Jecht Spheres, Braska Sphere And Aurons Spheres
  • Where are the spheres to get Aurons final overdrive?
  • Here's the list:

    Jecht Sphere 1 Spheromorph boss fight, Macalania Forest
    Jecht Sphere 2 Besaid Village, to the right of the temple entrance
    Jecht Sphere 3 SS Liki, on the bridge (board at Besaid)
    Jecht Sphere 4 Luca Stadium, Basement A
    Jecht Sphere 5 Mi'ihen Highroad, Oldroad, South
    Jecht Sphere 6 Moonflow, South Wharf
    Jecht Sphere 7 Thunder Plains, South
    Jecht Sphere 8 Macalania Woods, South
    Auron's Sphere Mushroom Rock Road, Precipice
    Braska's Sphere Mountain Trail, Mt. Gagaz
  • Hi!
    Can we get those spheres anytime?!

  • As soon as Auron shows you the first sphere in the Macalania woods, then yes you can find them anytime.
  • Ok, great...thanx a lot speedemon!!!!!! :D