GH3 Aerosmith. Add-ons do not appear
  • Hi, I hope you can help. I purchased/downloaded 3 add-on packs (Foo Fighters, Def Leppard & the free Top Gun) installed, and now they seem to have disappeared from the PS3??:confused:
    I have GH3 Aerosmith, all the quickplay songs have been unlocked, but I cannot see my new songs anywhere in the list.
    I have been into every section, both within GH3 and on the PS3 itself?
    Your help is much appreciated. thanks
  • From what I have been seeing around the GH III downloads do not work on GH: Aerosmith.
  • Okay, thanks. I am really disappointed, (so is my husband) as we've both paid for items, and it doesn't seem to be listed anywhere..pants! I will sooo be complaining to Sony (won't be holding my breath for a refund/reply tho!)
    thanks again for your help.