• hey!!!!

    my little brother was messing with my saved game on shrek 3. i came back to my game and i realised it was in another language:( i tried 2 set it back in to english but i failed. i went in to options but there was no language control there :(. how do i set the language back to english so i can finish playin shrek 3 on my ps2?
  • Is the whole console in another language now, or just the game? If just the game the option to change the language will be somewhere in the options menu in-game. It may take a little searching but you'll find it in the end...;)
  • no its just the game, the console is in english.... i hav tried lookin in options but it doesnt giv you an option to change the language... its weird:(
  • Are any other games now displayed in another language...? The only place to change the language settings is in the options menu in-game, if it hasn't already been offered to you when you start up the game.
  • other games that i play do be in english..... ive chekd through the shrek settings theres no language change its soo weird i think its changed in to french....
  • aaaah i need help has any1 got shrek 3? can u try and find the language settings please? it would be very much appreciated thank you!