Problems with controller port due to memory card Help please!
  • I seem to be having problems using the controller when my memory card is in the port....when the memory card is inside the port, the controller won't work, but as soon as i remove the memory card the controller becomes operational.. can anyone help me, or give me some kind of troubleshooting steps or whatever. this isn't cool.

  • First time I have heard of this sort of thing. First thing I should ask is is the card an actual Sony card or some third party knock off? Same thing for the controller.
  • well...both controllers are playstation, 1 analog and 1 not. i have 4 memory cards. 2 knock off "InterAct" cards and 2 sony playstation cards...weird thing is, that i just tried the memory cards again and the 2 knock off cards work with the non-analog controller plugged in but not with the analog controller. The sony cards dont allow either controller to would think its the other way around...So now i can play with the two knock offs and the one controller, but it would still be nice to find out and fix the problem with the other two cards...thanks.. no hurry now.